chilled since 1996

initiated in 1996, abstrait is a project by raphaël marionneau dedicated to promoting the chillout culture through a variety of channels including events, recordings, radio shows, and more. marionneau organized events such as „le café abstrait“ and „le voyage abstrait,“ which garnered international recognition through subsequent album releases, establishing abstrait as a prominent figure in europe's music scene. with its distinctive blend of chillout, downtempo, ambient, lounge, electronic, and classical music, abstrait's musical landscape is both unique and continually evolving.

abstrait releases

since 2001, abstrait proposes a collection of releases that specialize in chillout, deep house, or classical music. with over 40 albums to date, „le café abstrait" and „le classique abstrait" have emerged as key references in the international chillout culture, boasting a large fanbase. these albums are accessible in both physical cd format and digitally on platforms such as spotify, apple music, deezer, and amazon music.

radio shows

explore the realm of abstrait on the radio and delve into a weekly show showcasing chillout, electronic, ambient, downtempo, world, and eclectic music. broadcasted on several international radio stations, you can tune in via various radio platforms or find it archived on mixcloud.

le voyage abstrait

experience raphaël marionneau’s live dj set at planetarium hamburg, where abstrait awakens new emotions through music carefully selected on the spot: chillout, ambient, electronic music and deep house accompanied by stunning space visuals, lights and lasers that take the audience on a cosmic journey. let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music and the tranquility of the cosmos.

le cinéma abstrait

abstrait revitalizes classic german cinema through innovative remixes, offering a fresh and contemporary take on beloved masterpieces. with a carefully curated selection of electronic tracks, raphaël marionneau crafts new soundtracks that juxtapose the timeless essence of German cinema with the vibrancy of modern music.


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