abstrait's story started in 1996, when raphaël marionneau created the first chillout event le café abstrait at the legendary mojo club on the reeperbahn 1 in hamburg. 

the monthly event became fastly from an insider hit to one 

of the well-known chillout club in germany. with this success and the great feedback from the public and press, raphaël developped over the years different event formats with classical music called le classique abstrait at mojo club and konzerthaus dortmund, summer events l'été abstrait or le voyage abstrait, a multimedia show in residency since 2002 at planetarium hamburg. raphaël developed more formats like le cinéma abstrait, performing a dj-soundtrack on german classic movies like nosferatu or metropolis, 

le concert abstrait at mojo club, phil&chill at the musikhalle of hamburg and many more. the abstrait sessions are on air every week on many national and international radios: n-joy, klassik radio, das inselradio mallorca, chill, zen fm, mallorca sunshine radio, etc.abstrait became a first actor for this music movement in europe and raphaël’s dj sets makes 

him one of ambassadors of the genre with a very special blend. mixing chillout, ambient, lounge, electronica, 

ethno or classical music, the musical world of abstrait 

is unique and in never ending evolution.